The Fine Art of Baking

As far as history of Dan Cake goes, the art of baking ruled the company dictum since 1931. Dan cake believes, baking is form of art, which needs fragility, innovation, passion finesse. And by this strong belief, we have been maintaining our exquisite quality and taste.

World class Factory

The level of dedication at Dan Cake is rooted in its love for baking and sharing with loved ones. From preparing to packaging the assembly line full of delicate little shapes of sweets are carefully handled at every step by the Dan Cake team to bring something real and pleasant to the people of this country


Baking with heart and soul and using quality ingredients was the mission of our founder Margaret Rudkin, and a commitment to that mission is something we still take pride in.

Delicious and Tasty
Premium Snacks

Dan Foods Limited was launched in Bangladesh in 2015 through a joint venture between Dan Cake A/S, Denmark and Pandughar Limited, Bangladesh. Dan Cake A/S established in 1931, the Scandinavian market leader in the production of ready-to-eat cakes and Swiss rolls.

Our aim is to provide the consumers with the best tasting bakery products of Dan Cake.
Our factory is located at Birulia, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Dan Cake Cricket Series

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Annual Program

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